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We are a seamless extension of your team

At Pine Hill, our client service approach is simple. We are dedicated to being successful. We take great pride in client tenure.

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Public Companies

The public arena has its own set of complexities

Successfully navigating your way to and through a public offering can be a challenge for any company’s financial leadership — especially when it comes to SEC complexities and financial reporting. The need to stay on top of best practices, stay current with changing regulations and continually educate yourself on the correct interpretation of standards can quickly overwhelm even the most dedicated team. Pine Hill is the support your finance team needs — bringing a focused understanding and guidance to companies that don’t want to go it alone.

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Private Equity

Acquisition, integration, value creation and exit

With U.S. middle-market deal activity at all-time highs, private equity competition is on the rise.  Many investors are more focused than ever on managing risk in the due diligence phase and creating real value post-closing. Using our significant Big Four experience, first-hand private equity and C-Level operating experience as the foundation, we can quickly identify issues and formulate solutions to assist you in closing the right deals, efficiently onboarding new portfolio companies and partnering with management teams to execute value creation initiatives.

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Private Companies

Because serving private companies is different

The business environment for private companies—regardless of industry—continues to be marked by tremendous change. Financial leaders of private companies face new challenges every day. Structure, risk and growth just to name a few. Pine Hill is here to help navigate the issues associated with each of these challenges.

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Public Companies

100 public companies
We have advised and implemented solutions for over 100 public companies.
$10 Billion
We have assisted public companies ranging in pre-revenue to $10 billion in market cap.
10-20 years
Our public company service delivery team has an average of 10 years of Big 4 experience and 20+ years of professional experience.
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Private Equity

400 private equity
We have performed due diligence on over 400 private equity transactions across the US.
175 private equity
We have worked with over 175 private equity funds on deal execution.
$50 milliong to $10 billion
Our PE clients have ranged in fund size from $50 million to over $10 billion, with AUM up to $200 billion.
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Private Companies

45 Companies
We have taken over 45 companies through the IPO process.
20+ years
Our professionals have 20+ years of professional experience.
$5 Billion
We have advised clients ranging in size of pre-revenue through $5 billion in revenue.